Get to Know Us


The Artisan
Lalenia is our leatherworker. She cuts, tools, dyes, and sews all of our pieces by hand. She brings uniqueness to every piece with her own designs. Lalenia loves to draw new knotwork patterns and tooling them into pieces.

Soon after purchasing her first full side of leather, she enrolled in Black Raven Academy where her skills were further developed and honed.

"I have always had an interest in leatherwork; patching things together with scraps and faux leathers. My senior year of high school, Ethan gave me a starter kit with stamps and sewing tools. I have a hard time choosing one thing I love making the most, but horses have a special place in my heart, so that puts tack high on the list. But really, any time I get to tool a design, I'm pretty happy."
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The Smith
Ethan is often the "face" of vending events. Outside attaching some of the hardware to the pieces, he doesn't participate with the creation of product often. Instead, he spends his time building this website, trying to make sense of the ever-evolving world of taxes, and helping with product estimates and invoicing.

When Elmwood Armory has grown more and finds the space for it, Ethan hopes to contribute more to the products by developing his skills as a blacksmith and making the hardware required for the pieces himself, allowing the custom aspect of Elmwood Armory to extend to the whole product.

"Elmwood Armory has given Lalenia and I great experiences and opportunities. We've had a lot of great experiences at events and interacting with the people that come. If you've talked to me for more than 30 minutes, I probably haven't gone without bragging about Lalenia and her incredible talent."
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